At Risk to Achieve a Critical Strategic Goal?
When time frames are short, the stakes are high, and goals have high visibility, it is invaluable to have solid data to use when assigning tasks. Thereís no time for trial-and-error learning. And, itís essential to have a smooth running team and clear communications.

Itís critical to eliminate miscommunications or misunderstanding caused by work styles. Assessment of team and individual strengths leads to dramatic increases in productivity, retention of talented members, and smooth leadership transitions.

services include:
  • > Assessments of individuals and teams
  • > Team development workshops
  • > Leadership transition workshops
  • > Coaching for bosses of new associates
  • > Coaching for enhanced performance of high    potentials

Wondering how your personality traits contribute to a teamís effectiveness?

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Concerned the Leadership Team Isnít Equipped to Excel in Changing Conditions?
The team or organization is successful now but, is your business going to stay the same for the next two to three years? Current executives have good track records but, do they have all the capabilities they need to take the organization to the next level? A team or department is functioning well but has it reached its full potential?

A snapshot of a groupís current competencies, an analysis of future challenges, and a picture of competencies required to flourish in changed circumstances is invaluable. Itís the basis for making good decisions about the present and the future. Team profiles provide data for selection and development. Strengths can be used to create a sustainable advantage.

services include:
  • > Assessment of team capabilities
  • > Profiles that reveal what to look for when a    new member is added
  • > Recommendations for rapidly enhancing    effectiveness
  • > Identification of major obstacles to change.

Do you know which team competencies predict a teamís success?

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Need to Develop Leadership Bench Strength Rapidly?
Do you know the difference between high-performance and high-potential? Is your leadership pipeline filled with qualified people? Can you describe a situation in which the incumbent was extremely intelligent, seemed to have the requisite experience, and arrived with a rťsumť of accomplishments only to fail in the new job? Is morale good among candidates who were not selected for a position? Are you getting a great return on the time and money spent on development?

Identifying the skills and personality traits required for optimal performance paves the way for success. Ensuring a good job-person match reduces undesired turnover, shortens learning time, and increases energy.

services include:
  • > Job profiles
  • > Coaching of leadership candidates
  • > Coaching of bosses of high potentials
  • > Career development workshops
  • > Assessments of personality traits for job-    person fit and strength optimization
  • > Assessment of leadership capabilities    including tools for self-evaluation.

Interested in identifying some of your key workplace strengths?

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Are you sure your management team has the right skills to implement big changes? Want to increase productivity by having great job-person matches? Imperative that new leaders have immediate success? Canít afford to select the wrong person?

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