Are you looking for a speaker who is entertaining and focuses on easy-to-implement ways that accelerate incredible outcomes? Tens of thousands of participants have reported success when they apply principles in Dr. Margaret Bradley’s speeches.

Her style is uniquely engaging and has won the acclaim of groups of 10 to 1,000. Executives in a major financial services firm found Dr. Bradley to be such an effective speaker that they requested her to offer training on “How to Wow an Audience” as part of their marketing strategy.

Meeting planners describe Dr. Bradley as a great listener who is adept at customizing her presentations to the audience and the objectives. Busy professionals and executives say her speeches save them time and money and hold their attention.

“Wouldacouldashoulda: Lose the Excuses and Become Wildly Successful Fast.”

What's the last excuse you made? What's the last time you accepted an excuse without question? This speech provides insights into the causes of excuses and how to prevent them. Listeners identify their own excuse styles and learn how to use practical, no-cost strategies to zap excuses before they get in the way of achieving extraordinary success.

“No More Wouldacouldashouldas: What Do You Really Want to Do Now that You’ve Grown Up?”

Audiences leave this speech feeling energized and in control of their futures. They gain insights on what they want the next chapters of their life to contain and the steps to take to achieve their goals quickly. Whether it’s accepting a new position, making a career change, joining the workforce, or planning for retirement, information in this speech helps professionals make smooth and regret-free transitions.

“Create and Maintain Great Work Relationships”

During this presentation, listeners gain insights on their own personality traits and those of others. The ability to understand and appreciate differences in work styles and communication preferences leads to reduced stress, increased efficiency, and greater productivity. Audiences learn how to become more effective when cultivating clients, contributing to team goals, and interacting with colleagues.
For more information, please email mbradley@bradleygroupva.com or call 804-405-1731. Copies of the book, Wouldacouldashoulda: Rapid Results. No Excuses., are available at quantity discounts. Customization is available for both speeches and books.
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Looking for a dynamic speaker who is memorable for all the right reasons?

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